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Does it have an advisory service charge on Online Veterinary Consultation?

Online Veterinary Consultation is free of charge.

Is the response from Online Veterinary Consultation reliable?

Our team is led by registered veterinary surgeons so we can promise it is reliable. However, since we cannot apply direct physical examination on your pets, we cannot perform any diagnostic test and treatment, so what we provide you is the advice on what you should do.

How do I know if my pet is in a critical condition or not?

Animals cannot communicate with humans, so it is difficult for us to realize if they are sick or even in a dangerous condition. Generally, if you find your pet suddenly becomes less active, shows abnormal behaviors, looks painful or a wound is found, you should contact us.

There is no reply after submission of inquiry.

Please be patient. We attach importance to all clients. However, our team will determine the priority of each case based on the severity and condition of animals in order to reduce the possibility of losing our animals from emergency cases. If the waiting time is prolonged, please forgive us.

I cannot upload photo to the webpage?

If you encounter this problem over again, please send the photo to or fax it to 3709 6092 and marked Online Veterinary Consultation.

Can I order prescription drugs through Jack’s Veterinary for long term?

This is not recommended. It is because our animals need regular check-up. The dosage or combination of medication may need to be adjusted. We need prescription letter and medical history from your regular veterinary surgeon each time when you want to order drugs or diets from us. This service only concerns the animal that is temporary short of drugs or prescription diets for long term use.

how to obtain medical history and prescription letter?

You can simply request it from the veterinary hospital where you visited previously. You may also ask the veterinary staff to fax those documents to 3709 6092 or email to We will send you a confirmation email after verifying all documents. We may need to contact your regular veterinary surgeon to ensure the document is correct.

How to make a payment for prescription drug or diet?

You will receive an email after you have ordered it online. The quotation and payment method will be listed on the e-mail. The receipt will be posted along with the product.

How long does it take to deliver prescription drug or diet?

Prescription drug will be posted as a Registered Packet through Hongkong Post and it usually takes 1-2 days to arrive. Prescription diets may take 3 to 7 days to arrive.

How to become a member of Jack's Veterinary? Is membership fee required?

Once you register, you are able to login as a member. Membership is free.

How does the Online Veterinary Service (OVS) help me to choose a right veterinary service?

OVS provides a quick online consultation and screen the severity of the disease, estimate the requirement of diagnostic test. Not all veterinary hospitals equip the same thus not all veterinary hospitals provide the same service. For example, when your cat has difficulty in urination. Your cat may need many diagnostic tests ( radiography, ultrasonography, blood test, urinalysis and urine sediment ) to confirm the origin of the disease; therefore, you need a veterinary hospital which equips well and performs all diagnostic tests once avoiding mis- or delayed diagnosis thus mistreat the animal. Other examples, if your terrapin is not eating, you need an exotic veterinary clinic which equips facilities of exotic animal medicine and surgery; however, only few exotic hospitals in Hong Kong have them. OVS also gives you the nearest veterinary hospital which is suitable to your case. Therefore, it does save your time, money and worry.