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Our team is composed of veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses. Seeing the many opinions and scattered and unverified information about pet care on the internet which may confuse owners, Jack’s veterinary was set up which aims at providing better quality of life and health for our animals. The core value of this website is to provide an online veterinary service and share the knowledge and information of pet care with the public. Apart from offering members the online veterinary service, we also devote our effort on organizing different activities and interest groups.


After providing a 2-year online consultation and a 1.5-year house-call service, Jack’s Veterinary Hospital ( Exotic, Small & Farm Animals ) reaches the next milestone by providing an in-house veterinary service in Tai Po where was previous named Japan Veterinary Clinic. We continue provide medical service for dogs and cats, small mammals, reptiles and farm animals. We would keep our free online consultation for our member too. Dr. Vincent will stay in his position of our chief veterinary surgeon in Jack’s Veterinary Hospital.

Mission and Vision

According to the information provided by the Census and Statistics Department, the number of pet household in Hong Kong has been increasing annually.

Compared to the information in 2005 and 2010

the number of dog keeping households has increased to 28000
(increased by 20%)


while the number for cats has increased to 33400
(increased by 52%)


Pet species also show an increase in diversity. Besides of common pets like cats, dogs, rabbits and birds, animals like snakes, tortoises and lizards are becoming more and more popular as well. However, for the fresh pet owners, they may not have the experience or knowledge of how to take good care of these exotic species.

The rapid development of the Internet allows information circulation to speed up. The public can easily access the information and knowledge of pets, but at the same time, the quality of this pool of information is not necessarily guaranteed. Once critical situations unfortunately occur on your pets, you may harm your pet’s life due to the incorrect application of the wrong information obtained from the internet.


Jack’s Veterinary provides a fast online veterinary consultation service and we share correct knowledge about pet care as well as providing updated information of the veterinary market. In an addition, we hope to establish a creative platform for the public which can facilitate pet knowledge exchange so that pet owners can learn from each other’s experience.

Profile of Dr. Vincent Tse

Dr. Vincent Tse graduated from Murdoch University, Australia in 2013 with his degree in Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery. He was born in Hong Kong, moved to the United States after secondary school, and was awarded his first degree in Animal Physiology and Neuroscience from the University of California in 2007. He moved to Australia for his veterinary studies afterwards. He started his first job in Tai Wai Small Animal & Exotic Hospital as a night shift emergency veterinary surgeon.


He had many pets since childhood, including sea horses, octopus, mudskippers, ghost crabs, chameleon, tarantula, king scorpion, rabbits, birds and a cat. He enjoys working with exotic animals, and is also interested in veterinary geriatric medicine. He acquires proficiency in small animal and exotic animal emergency medicine & surgery, which gives him confidence of providing advice to pet owners and distributing cases.


Outside of work, he enjoys debating with his wife. He also enjoys playing basketball, shopping and reading books about the culture and heritage of Hong Kong and news