• About Jack's Veterinary

Seeing the many opinions and scattered and unverified information about pet care on the internet which may confuse owners, Dr. Vincent Tse broke the tradition and set up Jack’s Veterinary which providing an online veterinary consultation service and a platform of sharing animal care to the public. Not long afterwards Jack’s Veterinary provided home visiting veterinary service and set up Jack’s Veterinary hospital.


In late 2020, Jack’s Veterinary Hospital ( Exotic and Small Animals ) reaches the next milestone by setting up our hospital in Taipo. We are well equipped with advanced medical, surgical and laboratory systems and comfortable hospital wards providing the best for veterinary service to the public. Our veterinary medical service and house-call service cover dogs, cats, small mammals, reptiles and birds.

Profile of Dr. Vincent Tse

Dr. Vincent Tse graduated from Murdoch University, Australia in 2013 with his degree in Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery. He was born in Hong Kong, moved to the United States after secondary school, and was awarded his first degree in Animal Physiology and Neuroscience from the University of California in 2007. He moved to Australia for his veterinary studies afterwards. He started his first job in Tai Wai Small Animal & Exotic Hospital as a night shift emergency veterinary surgeon.


He had many pets since childhood, including sea horses, octopus, mudskippers, ghost crabs, chameleon, tarantula, king scorpion, rabbits, birds and a cat. He enjoys working with exotic animals, and is also interested in veterinary geriatric medicine. He acquires proficiency in small animal and exotic animal emergency medicine & surgery, which gives him confidence of providing advice to pet owners and distributing cases.


The veterinary principle of Dr. Vincent Tse is that the animal lives is his overriding consideration. He believes quick accurate diagnosis and solution is the best for animals and palliative management is the last resort.